Sorry – No Facebook

We’re not on Facebook. We believe that our ideals are not compatible with Facebook. We publish under Creative Commons license because we believe in freedom, self-determination, pluralism and individual personal rights. We do not want to live in a world where the Internet is completely taken over by the four horsemen of the infocalypse (Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon) and where all content must be 100% compatible with the terms and conditions and community guidelines of these companies.

We are still committed to the Do-It-Yourself idea. Let’s reclaim the Internet. With our own websites, our own blogs, our own netlabels and the good old newsletters and e-mails. That might not be as convenient as the tempting, low-threshold offers of the colourful social media world. But we don’t pay for it with our data and the abandonment of our privacy. That should be worth it, shouldn’t it?

Dear promoters,
it may be quite great what you are all committed to, be it D.I.Y., Punk, Hardcore, Equal Rights, ANTIFA, Vegan or whatever. And if we make an effort, we can also understand why you don’t want to do without Facebook. But if you don’t even have an email address anymore and think you only have to communicate via Facebook, then you have not understood something basic. Then all your affirmations are just lip service and your ideals only hollow phrases. Comfortably the world goes to ruin.

Update December 2018
And for those who still don’t understand what the problem with Facebook is, we recommend this list of data scandals on Facebook in 2018. It’s long, though.