Freiheit Aushalten

Our second album Freiheit Aushalten has been released by our netlabel derkleinegruenewü and is licensed under Creative Commons By-Sa 4.0 license.

If you like, you can download it here for free and distribute it as you like.

But if you want, you can also download it via Bandcamp, and “pay what you want”.

Freedom does not only want to be fought for and defended these days. Freedom must also be endured when things get dicey. Just as it becomes exciting with tolerance when it challenges you and inevitably leads to acceptance and not ignorance, it becomes interesting with freedom when it demands its price and offers itself as it were on the altar of the diffuse desire for more perceived security.

Let us not delude ourselves: Sacrificing freedom for greater perceived security is a stupid idea. All the more stupid if in the end there is not even any real security left.

What needs to be done should be clear to everyone. But we remain in agony, cultivate our phlegm and seriously consider whether resignation is not an option after all. The old hope of revolution? Bitch, please. The world is coming to an easy end. Enjoy it.