Nihilism is fun. Hopelessness offers a great perspective. Dead ends are a good place to riot. That’s about the attitude of the Cologne-based industrial metal post-everything duo “Die Leere im Kern deiner Hoffnung”.

Their sound is strictly circled. Singer Doris Mücke coolly dissects the wrongly set up world and our helpless efforts to find an answer to it. Guitarist FC Stoffel berserks on the guitar. The drum computer forces everything into an order. A band like an icebreaker, constantly grinding.

“A DLIKD concert is like a knife that’s too sharp. You cut yourself immediately and deeply and it never stops bleeding.” (Felix Klopothek, City Review 2/2018)

Net activist FC Stoffel and singer Doris Mücke are now older than their shoe sizes. The couple has been making music together since 1990 and has nothing left to prove. From 2003 to 2010, they made techno as “Das Blaue Monster.” In 2010, they returned to their musical roots with DLIKDH. In doing so, they have further refined their research into reduced structures.

FC Stoffel runs the netlabel “Der kleine grüne Würfel” since 2005 and releases music from different bands under Creative Commons license. In 2009 he co-founded the “Cologne Commons – Conference and Festival” and organized it until its end in 2016.

FC Stoffel and Doris Mücke are “DIY as fuck” and clearly position themselves against the excesses of neoliberal capitalism and any form of populism, nationalism and racism. They are committed to strengthening the creative commons and still believe in the idea of enlightenment. The two would rather be part of the solution than part of the problem.

Self-assertion instead of therapy.

Published albums:
2013 Zeit ist eine Illusion
2016 Freiheit Aushalten
2018 Das Leben ist komplex und Entropie real
2020 Es ist schwer ein Gott zu sein